Utopia of the Past: Concept of the Golden Age and the Situation of the Shilpkar’s (Dalit) in the Katyuri Period


Writing history without bias is a difficult task. Social, economic, religious, and even caste identities definitely influence your writing in some way or another. The history of Uttarakhand is also not untouched by this. European historians, Cambridge historians, leftist, nationalist, environmentalists, feminists, etc. have tried to understand the history of Uttarakhand from different perspectives. But most studies, even social studies, have been built on an upper-caste and elite perspective. In the history of Uttarakhand, Dalits and lower castes have been studied from a narrow and limited perspective. In fact, many layers of study based on lower caste and women’s perspectives are still to be revealed in history writing. The presented research paper is an attempt to make a balanced study of the social condition of Dalits (Shilpkar) of that time by studying the concept of the Katyuri era and golden age