The Role of Job Crafting in Increasing Job Satisfaction through Employee Engagement: Conceptual Framework


Covid 19 decreased the level of employee wellbeing, including job satisfaction, caused by changes in duties and responsibilities, increased workload, and changing work environment. Employee job satisfaction is very important factor because it has a positive impact on the company success. Employees who are satisfied with their work tend to feel happy and have high motivation to perform their tasks well. This study aims to develop conceptual framework of the relationship between job crafting and job satisfaction through employee engagement in Indonesia. Research on job crafting is still limited in Indonesia so that this research can close such research gap. It is believed that job crafting behavior is able to affect employee job satisfaction and employee engagement. Furthermore, this paper emphasizes the important role of employee engagement as mediator in the relationship between job crafting and job satisfaction. This study is useful for further researchers and human resource management practitioners in order to develop strategies in improving employee job satisfaction.


Job crafting, employee engagement, job satisfaction, Covid 19.