An Assessment of Level of Compliance to Islamic Business Ethics among Muslim Bakers in Sokoto Metropolis


Islamic business ethics is a science that deals with proper conducts of business relationship in streamline with the guidelines of Islamic Shari’ah. Islam urges its followers to always strive to follow Islamic Shari’ah in the entire conduct of businesses to avoid harming other parties as stakeholders in the realms of business. This study qualitatively investigated the activities of Muslim bakers in production of bread for human consumption in Sokoto metropolis. The study used interview and observation and collected data from thirty bakeries industries in Sokoto metropolis.The study found out that there is no compliance between the activities of bakers in Sokoto metropolis and Islamic business ethics. It has been discovered that bakers used prohibited ingredients in the preparations of bakery products in Sokoto metropolis. Islamic religion prohibited using anything in preparation of food products that is considered harmful to human health. The study recommended that, bakers should fear Allah and avoid production of bakery product with contents of ingredients that are harmful to human health.This heinous practice is unethical and incompatible with the principles of Islamic business ethics.


Assessment, Compliance, Islam, Business, Ethics, Bakers, Sokoto, Metropolis