The Effect of Covid 19 on Epilepsy Patients


This study aims to know the type of complications and risk factors for COVID-19 patients who suffer from epilepsy in Iraq with a study period from 22-5-2019 to 1-6-2020. A cross-sectional study was established on patients with epilepsy, and Covid 19, where 80 patients were collected from different hospitals in Iraq. This study aimed to determine the complications associated with Covid 19 patients and those who suffer from epilepsy. 80 cases were enrolled with 20-45 years of age, and distribution according to sex was (55 male, 35 female) the most common complications in this study are fever and hyperthermia. Laboratory studies show that high temperatures (>40°C) negatively affect different cells, especially metabolically active brain cells. The available data indicate that the presence of epilepsy increases the risk or severity of the injury, especially for a patient whose condition is unstable and who has other health problems.


Covid 19, epilepsy, questionnaire, severity, hypertension