Estimate of Women Bleeding After Cesarean Delivery


This study aims to Estimate of women bleeding after cesarean delivery; 120 patients were collected from different hospitals in Iraq, and they were distributed into two groups (Postpartum hemorrhage group, N=70) (non-postpartum hemorrhage group, N=50) where Use the Medical Records Retrieval System to find the postpartum child, who underwent a cesarean section again in the obstetric department of the hospital from August 2019 to October 2020.The postpartum hemorrhage group was selected as a patient (postpartum hemorrhage group), and the remainder was used as a control group (no postpartum hemorrhage group). The OR value of Placenta previa was 4.003 (1.571-10.201) in patients who underwent cesarean section in this study, which is higher. This is significantly higher than the 4.003 (1.571 – 10.201) reported in the cesarean section group, so Caesarean section and postpartum hemorrhage suggest that Placenta previa, general anesthesia, is the primary risk factor for preventing postpartum hemorrhage in women who have a repeat cesarean section


postpartum, PPH, Placenta previa, Antepartum, Pregnancy