Spaza shops in Townships and Rural areas to switch to electronic payment method to run the business successfully and safe: Case study Mkhuhlu Township, Bushbuckridge Municipality, Mpumalanga in South Africa


The purpose of this study was to investigate whether spaza shop (tuck shop) owners in South Africa utilise mobile communication technologies. Secondly, it evaluated opportunities created using mobile communication. Interviews were conducted with 110 small-, micro- and medium enterprises (SMMEs) operating spaza business shops in Mkhuhlu and Calcutta in the Bushbuckridge Municipality in Mpumalanga. Police officers, residents of South Africa, Somalians and Indians were interviewed. Data were collected through self-completion questionnaires. Interviews were conducted in English as most of the races did not understand an African language. Findings more technical and Technological skills are needed for the township business owners. Safety and security must support SMMEs in townships by protecting their owners and their resources against criminals.


SMME, Technology, spaza, language, Mpumalanga.