Protection of Female Child under Human Right Instruments and Islamic Law: A Comparative Approach


Despite the availability of revealed and non-revealed laws protecting the right of children, the cases of maltreatment of children in human societies are still on the rise; they were and are vulnerable to kidnapping, child theft, abuse, and forced labour and so on. This phenomenon gives one concern as to what are the exact pronouncements and provisions of those laws. Researchers thus intend to look at the provisions that are on ground in the common and Sharia laws for the protection of female children in our society, compare between those provisions and look at the way it could fulfill its objectives. The approach applied here is historical and analytical; data were collected from its sources and scrutinized for possible logical conclusion. At the end, the provisions in the common law and in Sharia would be adequate for the protection of female children if duly applied and implemented by the authority


Protection, Child’s Right, Human right, Instrument, Sharia