Combine the Advantages of Classroom and Distance to Enhance the Learning Potential: A Guide to Develop a Project at University Level


The education politics have been a national Portuguese priority in recent years, given its strategically interest in the world-wide context. It matters to rethink the strategy of qualification, of mobility and certification of the pupils, of the human resources in a optics of continuous formation throughout the life, of a formation with a bigger degree of innovation, severity and requirement, a time that the technological mutations and the rapidity with that if they succeed, imply that the qualification of the people is today the main critical factor of success for the competitiveness and the development sustainable and supported of any region and/or country. It increases, still, that in a world each more complex, changeable and uncertain time, where all the economies compete between itself of a globalized form, the areas of the knowledge, in general, and of the educational formation, in particular, is crucial and decisive factors for the affirmation of the economies and developed regions. In this way, the increase of the severity and the requirement will lead unequivocally to a bigger efficiency of the educative processes and to a bigger effectiveness of the formation.


Creating e-Learning Courses, Implementation Strategy, Knowledge Exchange, Financial Contribution, SWOT, and Balance Scorecard..