The Relationship between Tooth Loss and Primary Natural Open-Angle Glaucoma


This paper aims to assessment the outcomes of the relationship between tooth loss and primary natural open-angle glaucoma. Information and demographic data were collected from different hospitals but based on the presence of Periodontitis for patients with glaucoma. Fifty patients were collected and divided into two groups (30 yes Periodontitis and 20 controls). The inclusion criteria in this study were patients older than 18 years who were diagnosed with periodontitis between 2019-2020. As for the exclusion criteria, they included patients under 20 years of age and patients who did not withdraw all information related to them. They also include patients who have previously been diagnosed with glaucoma, and in this study, which was analyzed retrospectively to Iraqi children suffering from periodontitis and glaucoma patients, and in this study, there is a positive relationship and statistical significance for most of the parameters collected in this study, p-value 0.001. The risk of primary open-angle glaucoma and primary angle-closure glaucoma was also analyzed. Compared to controls, patients with periodontitis were found to have a 31% increased risk of developing primary open-angle glaucoma, but no significant difference in risk of developing primary angle-closure glaucoma was observed.


Open-angle, glaucoma, Periodontitis, tooth, tissue