An Assessment of Strategies used by the Church in Resolving Domestic Conflicts Among Christian Families in Kwanza Sub-County of Trans- Nzoia County, Kenya


Many of the domestic conflicts that the church has the grace to mediate is marriage conflicts between a husband and wife. The church considers marriage as a holy union and both parties should consider it a lifelong journey. This kind of belief promotes abusive marriages supported by the religious doctrines. Therefore, the proposed study seeks to find out the role of religion in alleviating domestic conflicts in Kwanza Sub-County of Trans-Nzoia County, Kenya. This article discusses how the Christian religion legitimizes conflicts against women, perpetuating a symbolic conflicts and stresses the importance of an education that aims more fair and equitable gender relations, eradicating conflicts. The religious morality perpetuated by culture legitimizes conflicts against women, and this is an urgent subject for education


.Domestic conflicts, Religious/ faith community, Strategies