A Brief on the Hierarchy of Establishment of Selected Towns/ Villages of Gwadabawa Metropolitan District, 1880-1999


The Gwadabawa Metropolitan District was formed by Muhammadu Maiturare Marafa Gwadabawa, then a prince of the Sultanate to safeguard the Sokoto Caliphate from the northern end and profer solution to shortage of settlements and economic problems. Selected towns and vilages under aegis of Gwadabawa Metropolitan District includes: Mammande, Huchi, Asara, Attakwanyo, Salame, Chimmola, Huchi, Gigane, Ranganda, etc. All are under the Gwadabawa Metropolitan District as Gundumomi/ wards in the recent years for effective delivery of services to the subjects. The leaders who have been on the throne of these towns and villages have demonstrated their ability to served their people and the Sokoto Caliphate at large


settlements, town, villages, Gwadabawa, Muhammadu Maiturare Marafa